Insurance Plan

Insurance Plan
Owner Operator Insurance Programs

Gallagher Transportation Services has designed the following insurance programs specifically for Landstar Owner-Operators.

Unladen Liability Cost = $19.45 per week.

Provides third-party liability coverage for bodily injury and
property damage caused by an accident when you are not hauling
a load.

Coverage includes:

✔ $1,000,000 combined single limit bodily injury & property damage.
✔ Uninsured motorist – statutory for state residency.
✔ PIP – Basic (in applicable states).

Physical Damage:

Provides coverage in the event of direct damage to insured tractors and trailers resulting from covered losses. Losses are adjusted on a stated amount or actual cash value basis, whichever is less.

Coverage includes:

✔ $500, $1000 and $2500 deductibles available.
✔ Single deductible for tractor and trailer per incident.
✔ No deductible for windshield glass breakage.
✔ Haul-back up to $1500.
✔ Enhancement Package (optional).
✔ GAP Coverage (optional).

*CPP (Contractor Protection Plan) Cost = $31.38 per week (1,000,000) or $35.38 per week (2,000,000).

Occupational Accident Coverage with limits ranging from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 for single owner operators / independent contractors.

Coverage includes:

✔ Occupational accident.
✔ Non-occupational accident.
✔ Death benefits.
✔ Medical benefits.
✔ Disability benefits
✔ Passenger coverage.

*BCO FWCP (Fleet Workman Compensation Plan) Cost varies.

Plans available for fleets of 2 or more employee drivers.

Unladen Liability and Occupational Accident coverage or, in some cases, statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage are mandatory under your haulage contract. If you do not participate in the Unladen Liability and/or CPP (Occupational Accident insurance ) programs , you must show comparable Unladen Liability coverage and/or Occupational Accident coverage through acceptable insurance carriers. If statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage is required and you do not participate in the FWCP program, coverage must be provided by licensed carriers with acceptable interstate coverage. If you have questions or require further information you can reach us at 800-288-8139.

Insurance Plan

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